Album Title:
Captain Kangaroo
aka "Puffin Billy"
aka "Good Morning Captain"

Release Year:
1955 & 1974

Record Label:
Edward G. White
Chappell Music
Robert L. Brush

Vocals by:
The Ron Hicklin Singers

Courtesy Robert Villanti Collection
Courtesy Chris Turner Collection

Track List:

1. Puffin Billy Main Theme
2. Good Morning Captain - 1:41
3. Good Morning Captain - 1:42

"Good Morning, Captain
   Won't you come on out and play?
   Wake up the sunshine and share this friendly day.
   Good Morning, Captain,
   It's A smiling song we sing
   'Cause we're happy to see you
   and the good times that you bring.
   Hey, good morning, hello, how do you do?
   Good Morning, Captain (repeated twice)
   Good Morning,
   Wake up the sunshine
   and share this friendly day."