Album Title:
The Score Connection

Release Year:
1960 - 2000

Record Label:
Score Productions

Sales CD with 50 years of excerpts from Score's library.

Track List:

1. Montgage of Classic TV Themes

2. Media One - 20/20 ABC
3. 20/20 Downtown - ABC
4. Face The Nation - CBS
5. Day One - ABC
6. This Week - ABC
7. Vote - NTV
8. Up To The Minute - CBS
9. Hard Drive

In The Game
10. To Tell The Truth - NBC
11. Match Game - CBS
12. Password - NBC
13. Classic Concentration - NBC
14. Under Suspicion
15. Lock Down
16. All Of Nothing

17. Itchy & Scratchy - The Simpsons
18. Chip 'N Dale - Disney
19. Mighty Mouse - CBS
20. Magic Kingdom
21. Tattertown - Nickelodeon
22. The Empire
23. Butterfly
24. Silly Serenade

Kids Stuff
25. Funhouse - Syndicated
26. Boog
27. Little Dracula
28. Class Clowns
29. Double-O-Duck
30. Hip Stop
31. Liguine Western

Back When
32. What's My Line - CBS
33. To Tell The Truth - CBS
34. F Train Shuffle
35. Swingin'
36. Celebrity Charades - Syndication
37. Card Sharks/Double Dare - NBC/CBS
38. Maple St. USA
39. Cool Scat

40. Wildebeasts
41. Wormz - 20/20 ABC
42. Bakhara  - 20/20 ABC
43. On The Move
44. Factoid - CNN
45. Rumble Queen
46. Mystiques
47. Trip Hop (remix)

48. Cold War PS - CNN
49. G.I Diary
50. Young & Brave - Day One
51. The Wall - Day One
52. Impressions - Day One
53. Real Quest

54. Uptown
55. Two's Up
56. Doo Bop
57. Just Beginning
58. Transition 101
59. Mr. Wilson, Sir

Sports Factor
60. Play It!
61. Goodwill Games - Turner
62. Boxing - ABC
63. Sportsline - CNN
64. Winning
65. Breathe
66. Sport's Inc. - CNN

Food, Home & Garden
67. Great Chefs - PBS
68. Classic Look - CNN
69. Interiors
70. Cabbage Patch
71. Nobu's D*
72. Home Life - CNN

Dramatic Underscore
73. The Escape
74. Sea Mist - 20/20 ABC
75. Muted Tones - PBS
76. Bellevue - One Life To Live
77. Adagio - Day One
78. My One Love
79. Quite Front - Day One

Get Real
80. Details - 20/20 ABC
81. Exclusives
82. Sleek Link - 20/20 ABC
83. Vibed - 20/20 ABC
84. Voices - 20/20 ABC
85. Double Exposure - 20/20 ABC

Buzz Cuts
86. Larry King Live - CNN
87. Lauren Hutton & Friends - FOX
88. Am Assignment
89. Conversations
90. Interview
91. Tell All!

Cyber Tron
92. Jagged Edge - One Life To Live
93. Vital Sounds
94. Quite Storm
95. X Posed
96. Log On

Staying power in the field of television and film music is not easy to come by. It requires flexibility and an ability to move with the times. These demos display a variety of thematic material created by Score Productions, Inc. for many different assignments over a period of years. It ranges from our most contemporary efforts to themes that have become recognized as standards in the industry. However, thematic music is actually a fraction of our work, for we are primarily devoted to the creation of original scores. The premise has always been professional excellence and taste. Every project is a unique, creative challenge.

Included with these demos is a more comprehensive list of credits (see below) to further illustrate the scope and diversity of our work. However, we should like to believe that all of our music conclusively speaks for itself.

Bob Israel

Score Productions Credits

Worldview (CNN)
Newsday (CNN)
Morning News (CNN)
Early Edition
CNN Today (CNN)
CNN AM Saturday/Sunday (CNN)
Special Event (CNN)
CNN Espanol
ABC 1996 Election Conventions
Weekend A.M. News (CNN)
TBS Sports Logo 1995
ABC Radio News
ABC World News Tonight
The Goodwill Games (TBS) Emmy Award Winner
20/20 (ABC) BMI Award 1994-1999
The New York City Marathon (ABC)
This Week With David Brinkley (ABC)
NIghtline (ABC)
ABC Monday Night Football
This Morning (ABC)
CNN Theme (Turner)
1984 Winter & Summer Olympics (ABC)
1980 Winter & Summer Olympics (ABC)
Issues & Answers (ABC)
Satellite News Channel
CNN Headline News (TBS)
NCAA Football (TBS)
ABC Space Shuttle
The Host (ABC)
The Royal Wedding (ABC)
NBC Newsmagazine
ABC Viewpoint
ABC Wide World of Sports
ABC Sportsbeat With Howard Cossell
USA vs The World in Olympic Sports (ABC)
ABC Superstars
Sportsworld (NBC)
ABC International Championship Boxing
Battle Of The Network Stars (ABC)
North American Soccer League (ABC)
Ready For The 80’s (ABC)                

Major League Baseball Game Of The Week (ABC)
NBC Golf Tournament
NBC Basketball Series
NBA Basketball (TBS)
The Mike Wallace Profiles (CBS)
The Last Word (ABC)
One On One (ABC)
Creativity (PBS-Bill Moyers)
ABC Closeup
ABC Late Night Theme
1978, ‘80, ‘82, ‘84 Elections (ABC)
ABC Inauguration 1981
ABC Pro-Bowlers Tour
ABC Sports Image Promo
ABC Sunday Afternoon Baseball
The Kentucky Derby (ABC)
The Preakness (ABC)
Wimbledon Tennis (ABC)
Indianapolis 500 (ABC)
The World Series ‘78, ‘79, ‘80, ‘83 (ABC)
NCAA College Football ‘78, ‘79, ‘80, ‘83, ‘84 (ABC)
Olympic Trials 1984 (ABC)
Spartacade (Pyramid Enterprises)
Sports Probe (USA Cable Network)
Superbowl 1985 (ABC)
Healthworld (ABC)
Day One “They Were Young And Brave” (ABC)
Day One (ABC)
Larry King Live (CNN)
Managing With Lou Dobbs (CNN)
Face The Nation (CBS)
Up To The Minute (CBS)
National Town Meeting (ABC)
Gorbachev-Yeltsin President Clinton Answers
Children’s Questions Campaign Buttons 1984
(Corporation for Entertainment and Learning)
ABC Sports Night
Ted Koppel Report (ABC)
ABC Basketball
ABC Bowling
Budweiser Boxing (ABC)
NBC Sportsworld (10th Anniversary)
Good Morning America (ABC) 1998-1999

Trump Card (Warner Bros.)
Classic Concentration (NBC)
High Rollers (SYND.) 1989 Emmy Nomination
Family Feud (CBS & SYND.) 1988
The Last Word (Turner Television)
Sweethearts (Richard Reid Productions)
Bargain Hunters (ABC)
Match Game 1990 (Mark Goodson Productions)
To Tell The Truth 1990 (Mark Goodson Productions)
All-Star Blitz (ABC)
Perfect Match (Lorimar-Telepictures)
$1,000,000 Chance Of A Lifetime
Family Feud (ABC)
Press Your Luck (CBS)
The Price Is Right (CBS)
The All New Let’s Make A Deal (SYND.)
Super Password (NBC)
Password Plus (NBC)
Body Language (CBS)
Tattletales (CBS)
Match Game (CBS)
Child’s Play (CBS)

Hit Man (NBC)
To Tell The Truth (Goodson-Todman)
What’s My Line? (Goodson-Todman)
The All New Beat The Clock (Goodson-Todman)
I’ve Got A Secret (Goodson-Todman)
Concentration (Goodson-Todman)
Beat The Clock (Goodson-Todman)
The Card Sharks (NBC)
The Big Showdown (ABC)
Show-Offs (ABC)
Rhyme & Reason (ABC)
Money Maze (ABC)
Snap Judgement (NBC)
Honeymoon Race (ABC)
Double Dare (NBC)
The Better Sex (ABC)
Everbody’s Talking (ABC)
He Said She Said (NBC)
Mindreaders (Goodson-Todman)
Celebrity Charades (Columbia Pictures)
The Guiness Book Of Records
(Hill/Eubanks/20th Century Fox)
Generation Gap

Guiding Light (CBS)
One Life To Live (ABC)
General Hospital (ABC)
All My Children (ABC)
Loving (ABC)
Loving Theme/Johnny Mathis
Value Television (Lorimar)
New Love American Style (ABC)
Another World (NBC-Procter & Gamble)
“When”/Love Theme For Another World (NBC)
Capitol (CBS-John Conboy Productions)
The Doctors (NBC-Colgate Palmolive)
Texas (NBC-Procter & Gamble)
For Richer, For Poorer (NBC)
Lovers And Friends (NBC)
Search For Tomorrow (CBS)
Never Too Young (ABC)
The Young Marrieds (ABC)
Confidential For Women (ABC)
Day In Court (ABC)
A Time For Us (ABC)
How To Survive A Marriage (ABC)
Superior Court (Lorimar)
The Dr. Dean Show (NBC)
Great Chefs Of The East (PBS, Discovery)
Spicy City (HBO)
Turbocharged Thunderbirds (SYND.)
Malcolm & Melvin/Zootoones & Hanna-Barbera (TBS Cartoon Network)
Ralph Bakshi/Half Hour Specials (HBO)
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (CBS)
1989 Emmy Nomination
Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers (Walt Disney TV)
Funhouse (Lorimar)
Tattertown (Bakshi/Nickelodeon)
(1989 Emmy Nomination)                

Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling (CBS)
The Red Hand Gang (NBC)
Marlo And The Magic Movie Machine
(Corporation For Entertainment and Learning)
Swiss Family Robinson (Freemantle)
The Seven Wishes Of Joanna Peabody (NET)
A Gorey Halloween (J. Walter Thompson)
Slim Goodbody (CBS-from Captain Kangaroo)
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures (CBS)
The Butter Battle Book (Dr. Seuss Special/TNT)

Cold War-Postscript (24 Episodes-CNN)
ABC 20/20 (1998 Expanded Prime Time Edition)
Choosing Sides-I Remember Vietnam
(History Channel)
The John Stossel Specials (ABC - TV News)
“Is America Number One”
“The Trouble With Lawyers”
“Common Sense”
Lauren Hutton & . . . (SYND.)
Fly On The Wall (CBS-Mark Goodson Productions)
Broadcast News (20th Century Fox)
This Ain’t BeBop
(Bakshi Productions-American Playhouse/PBS)
New York Stories (Woody Allen, Director)
We Got It Made (MGM/UA)
John Wayne-Standing Tall (“Film on Film”/PBS)
On Our Own (CBS)
G.I. Diary-World War II (Time-Life)
Police Surgeon (Colgate)
Get Smart (Talent Associates)
N.Y.P.D. (Talent Associates)
Star Lost (20th Century Fox)
Strange Paradise (Krantz Films)
Famous Jury Trials (20th Century Fox)
Dr. Simon Locke (Colgate)
Norman Corwin Presents
(Group W-Westinghouse)
Maurice Woodriff Predicts (Talent Associates)
Breaking Up (ABC/Susskind)
Harvey (NBC)
Johnny Belinda (ABC)
Laura (ABC)
The Desperate Hours (ABC)                

Of Mice And Men (ABC)
Death Of A Salesman (CBS)
Ages Of Man (CBS)
A Hatful Of Rain (ABC)
A Case Of Libel (ABC)
I Remember Illinois (ABC)
Gary Moore Special (ABC)
The Big Sky Country (ABC/Dupont)
Hedda Gabler (CBS/Susskind)
Dupont Show Of The Month (CBS)
The Citadel (ABC)
The Confession (ABC)
The Diary Of Anne Frank (ABC)
Dial “M” For Murder (ABC)
The Human Voice (ABC)
The Crucible (CBS)
The Glass Menagerie (CBS)
Saturday Night (ABC/Rogers)
A Thanksgiving Visitor
(ABC/Frank Perry-Truman Capote)
Teacher, Teacher (NBC/Hallmark)
Skirts Of Happy Chance (NBC-Hallmark)
The Price (NBC/Hallmark)
To Confuse An Angel (NBC-Prudential)
Look Homeward Angel (CBS/Playhouse 90)
All The Way Home (NBC/Hallmark)
The Presidents, 76 Years On Camera
(Corporation For Entertainment and Learning)
Search And Rescue (NBC)
The Hero (NBC)
East Side, West Side (CBS)
ESSO Repertory Theatre
Festival For The Performing Arts
Mr. Broadway (CBS)
Stand By Your Man (FOX)
The Boys In Autumn (Circle In The Square)