Album Title:
CNN - Airport Network

Release Year:

Herb Avery

Courtesy CNN

Note: When CNN stopped using this memorable news music package they made an unfortunate decision to throw out all their older music master reels.

We are delighted to have recovered this material for preservation.

Track List:

1. Weather v1 Full
2. Weather v1 No Sax, No Birds
3. Weather v1 Full with Sax
4. Weather v2 Full
5. Weather v2 No Guitar or Bells
6. Weather v3 Full
7. Weather v3 No Flute
8. Weather v4 Full
9. Weather v4 Reduced No Whistle
10.Sports Spotlight v1 No Brass
11.Sports Spotlight v2 Full
12. Sports Spotlight v2 No Strings
13. Sports Spotlight v3 Full
14. Sports Spotlight v3 No Brass
15. Sports Spotlight v4 Full
16. Sports Spotlight v4 No Brass
17. In The Spotlight v1 Full
18. In The Spotlight v1 No Brass
19. In The Spotlight v2 Full
20. In The Spotlight v2 No Brass
21. In The Spotlight v3 Full
22. In The Spotlight v3 No Strings
23. In The Spotlight v4 Full
24. In The Spotlight v4 No Brass
25. Now Showing v1 Full
26. Now Showing v1 No Brass
27. Now Showing v2 Full
28. Now Showing v2 No Sax
29. Time Out for Sports v1 Full
30. Time Out for Sports v2 Full
31. Time Out for Sports v2 No Brass
32. Time Out for Sports v3 Full
33. Time Out for Sports v3 No Sax
34. Time Out for Sports v4 Full w/Guitar
35. Time Out for Sports v4 Full w/Sax
36. Time Out for Sports v4 No Guitar or Sax
37. Play of the Day v1 Full
38. Play of the Day v1 No Brass
39. Play of the Day v2 Full
40. Play of the Day v2 No Brass
41. Ski Report v1 Full
42. Ski Report v1 Basic
43. Ski Report v2 Full
44. Leader Board Golf v1 Full
45. Leader Board Golf v1 No Horns
46. Leader Board Golf v2 Full
47. Leader Board Golf v2 No Brass
48. Headline Update v1 Full
49. Headline Update v1 No Brass
50. Headline Update v1 Intro Only
51. Headline Update v2 Full
52. Headline Update v2 No Brass
53. Headline Update v3 Full
54. Headline Update v3 No Brass
55. Headline Update v4 Full
56. Headline Update v4 No Brass
57. ID v1 Full
58. ID v2 Full
59. ID v3 Full
60. ID v4 Full
61. ID v4 Alt without Piano and Bass
62. ID v5 Full
63. ID v5 Basic
64. ID v6 Piano Melody
65. ID v6 French Horn Melody
66. ID v7 Full
67. ID v7 Alt. No EFX
68. ID v7 No Violin
69. ID v8 Fade in 1 Bar Later
70. ID v9 Full
71. ID v10 Full
72. ID v5a Alt. with Guitar
73. ID v5b Rock
74. Emergency Break In v1 Full
75. Emergency Break In v1 No Brass
76. Special Report v1 Full
77. Special Report v1 No Brass
78. News Now v1 Full
79. News Now v1 No Brass
80. News Now v2 Full
81. News Now v2 No Brass
82. News Now v3 Full
83. News Now v3 No Brass
84. News Now v4 Full
85. News Now v4 No Brass
86. On The Runway v1 Full
87. On The Runway v1 No Sax
88. On The Runway v2 Full
89. On The Runway v2 No Melody
90. On The Money v1 Full
91. On The Money v2 Full
92. On The Money v2 No Bells Ending
93. On The Money v2 No Bells
94. On The Money v2 No Bells or Brass
95. Travel v1 Full
96. Travel v1 No Bells or Percussion
97. Travel v2 Full
98. Travel v3 Full
99. Travel v3 No Whistles
100. Travel v4 Full
101. Travel v4 No Wah
102. Tech Watch v1 Full
103. Tech Watch v2 Full
104. Tech Watch v1 Close Full
105. Tech Watch v1 Close No SFX
106. Interviews v1 Full
107. Interviews v2 Full
108. Interviews v2 No Sax
109. Interviews v3 Open Full
110. Week In Review v1 Open No Brass
111. Week In Review v2 Open Full
112. Week In Review v1 Sports
113. Week In Review v1 Sports No Brass
114. Week In Review v1 Finance
115. Week In Review v1 Entertainment
116. On The Menu v1 Full
117. On The Menu v1 No Brass
118. On The Menu v2 Full
119. On The Menu v2 No Sax
120. On The Menu v3 Full
121. On The Menu v3 No Sax
122. Golf Tips v1 Full
123. Golf Tips v1 No Brass
124. Golf Tips v2 Full
125. Golf Tips v2 No Brass