Album Title:
NPR - Morning Edition

Release Year:

Composed by BJ Leiderman
Orchestral Arrangements by Jim Pugh

Courtesy BJ Leiderman
Courtesy Jim Pugh

Track List:

1. Main Theme
2. Theme Return
3. News Out
4. Marty's Theme
5. Drum Intro
6. Bump 1
7. Bump 2
8. Piano Theme
9. Bleeps

Here are the unperformed lyrics to the theme...

I hate to get up in the morning
Please don't wake me up this morning
Let me stay in bed and sleep.
I don't like to daydream.

The world can turn without me today
And if you wake me up I could say
That we will not be friends for long
Remember when

we used to dream forever
floating around like a feather
when will those delightful dreams come back again
tell me when

Oh, damn it Bob, will you shut the hell up?
No news, no features, I've had enough
Who wrote your great theme song?