Album Title:
CBS - Major League Baseball

Release Year:

Record Label:
Bob Christianson
Tony Smythe

Courtesy Steve Anderson Collection

Track List:

1. CBS MLB - Main Theme

Major League Baseball on CBS is the name of the former TV show that televised Major League Baseball games on the CBS Television Network, which lasted from 1990 to 1993. CBS paid about $265 million each year for the World Series, League Championship Series, All-Star Game, and the Saturday Game of the Week. It was one of the largest agreements (to date) between the sport of baseball and the business of broadcasting. However, several controversies, which included the firing of legendary play-by-play man Jack Buck, poor ratings and millions of dollars in losses from their baseball contract resulted in the end of a dismal four year relationship between MLB and CBS as Game 6 (October 23) of the 1993 World Series marked the last MLB broadcast on CBS to this date.

A trademark of CBS' baseball coverage was its majestic, uplifting, and harmonious theme music (which was composed by Bob Christianson and Tony Smythe). Besides the prologues (with the play-by-play man previewing the upcoming match up) for the Saturday Game of the Week, the music was usually set to the opening graphic of an opaque rendition of the CBS Eye entering a big, waving red, white, and blue bunting  and then a smaller, unfolding red, white, and blue bunting (over a white diamond) and floating blue banner (which usually featured an indicating year like "1991 World Series" for instance) complete with dark red Old English text. Pat O'Brien anchored the World Series and All-Star Game telecasts while usually delivering the prologue (normally set against the live scenery over the theme music). Though O'Brien would be joined by his co-host Andrea Joyce during the 1993 World Series and 1993 MLB All-Star Game.